Progression Images

Hackensack University Medical Center

Oil on Canvas

Hackensack University Medical Center

Line Drawing

Initial Stage: The most important stage of any painting is composition and design. The drawing shown here is the result of hours of arranging and rearranging the substantial photo reference I had to work with. My mission was to create a composite of the facades of buildings in the HUMC complex with the donors’ names featured in each section. The challenge here was one of flow and cohesiveness. The layout was drawn with pencil on a piece of drawing paper the exact size of the painting (24” x 36”). The paper was used to allow for the many corrections and erasures that take place during this layout.

Trying to achieve color distribution in this early stage.

Image 2. When I’m fully satisfied with the layout, the drawing is transferred to the canvas. I set the lines of the drawing with a diluted mixture of ultramarine blue and burnt umber oil paint. This is a time-consuming effort but it will assure me that the drawing won’t be lost during the painting process. I use a round-pointed brush in order to draw fine lines. When dry I begin to lay in colors here and there for general color distribution.

Composing the elements into a cohesive and balanced design using both color and line.

Image 3. In this stage, we really begin to see the cohesiveness of all the elements. The focus here is to not allow any one facade to stand out from another.

Sanzari Children’s Hospital Wing Sculptures (Detail)

Image 4. Detail of bronze sculpture near the entrance of the Sanzari Childrens Hospital.

Entrance Fountain (block in stage)

Image 5. Detail of the preliminary stage of the fountain at the entrance of the HUMC.

Entrance Fountain (Completed Detail)

Image 6. A more complete view of the fountain at the entrance of the HUMC.

Completed Painting

Image 7. The completed painting of a composite of the major buildings that make up the complex of the “Hackensack University Medical Center” Oil on Linen Canvas 24” x 36”

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