“FunHouse, Point Pleasant, New Jersey” Progression Images

FunHouse, Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Oil on Canvas 36″x 42″

FunHouse, Point Pleasant, New Jersey


Initial Stage: Once complete, the drawing is transferred to the painting surface; in this case, heavy-duty linen canvas. The lines are then “set” with a fine pointed brush. A diluted mixture of ultramarine blue and burnt umber is used to draw these lines. The distributions of light and dark are established by brushing in the shadows.

Next Step.

Image 2. Since red played such a dominant role in this subject, I decided to paint a “first pass” layer of color wherever red appeared. I begin to lay in colors here and there for general color distribution.

Roughing in the remaining colors.

Image 3. In this stage, I painted the first layer of the greens, yellows, blues, and any other subordinate colors that make up this scene.

FunHouse, Point Pleasant, New Jerseyoil on canvas 36″x 42″

Image 4. During this final stage color adjustments are made, layers of glazes are applied to shadows, and edges are softened where needed.

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