“Condiments” Progression Images


Oil on Canvas 30” x 40”

“Condiments” Oil on Canvas 30″ x 40″

Line Drawing

Stage 1:  Using a pencil, the layout is drawn in every detail, in the exact size and proportion of the final painting. Illustration board was used for this first step. The drawing is copied onto tracing paper and then transferred to the canvas. Those lines are then “set” with a diluted mixture of ultramarine blue and burnt umber. A fine pointed round brush is used for this process. A few middle-value grays are roughed in and a spot of red is added to get things rolling.

Image 2. In this step more colors are applied and a couple of highlights are suggested in two of the bottles and the top of one of the bottle caps.

Image 3.

Further development takes place with the addition of more colors and the simplification of shapes in the background. Some details on the labels are indicated.

Image 4. In this next to last step, the color of the lemonade is painted in and some edges are softened here and there.

“Condiments” oil on canvas 30″x 40″

Image 5.

Final step. “Condiments” Oil on Linen Canvas  30” x 40” 

Transparent glazes are applied to various areas to add depth and for tonal adjustments. Toning down the background proved to be the thing to do. Reducing the background to a couple of barely perceptible shapes gives that “pop” to the bottles. (pun or not? you be the judge).

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